Thursday, April 12, 2007

Why Dogs May Have Trouble Conceiving

If your dog is unable to get pregnant and have puppies then the problem could be due to one of several factors. First of all, you should see your vet if you suspect that your dog is has a physical problem getting pregnant. The cause could be an infection, Metritis, an Ovarian cyst, or due to Hypoestrogenism.

Sexually transmitted infections such as brucellosis are a major cause of infertility in some countries. Carriers may have a high temperature or swollen joints. Metritis, which is a womb infection, prevents the fertilized eggs from implanting. If the problem lies within an Ovarian cyst, then this will prevent ovulation. Hypoestrogenism on the other hand, is when the ovaries are underdeveloped and results in low estrogen levels and no heat cycle.

A proper veterinary examination of your dog before mating can determine if there are any infections in the reproductive system. And if infections do exist, then your dog can be treated with antibiotics. If there is an Ovarian cyst present, then hormones can be given to your dog or the cyst can be removed surgically. If the tests show that the problem is Hypoestrogenism, then unfortunately there is no treatment.

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