Sunday, June 2, 2013

New(ish) Dog Health Information

There's a new kid in town! I'm talking about another website that I'm following and associated with -

It's focused mainly on natural methods of treating various ailments, and keeping your dog healthy so he doesn't get any (or many) illnesses. Dogs are encountering degenerative diseases in ever increasing numbers - from arthritis, to diabetes, to heart disease, to cancer. Yes, these are the diseases of modern man - and our dogs are now getting them too. Could diet be playing a part? (I definitely think so!)

There is also a section on dog agility training. It's something I've been developing a bit of an interest in - many dogs do seem to love the activities that agility equipment can encourage. You need to be willing to put in the time to train your dog in these methods. Once you have, though, it's great exercise for your dog. And exercise for dogs has great health benefits, just as it does for humans. Gym, anyone? (I really should do more!)

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pet Food: Burns Dog Food Is The World's Top Natural Pet Food Provider

These days, there are many kinds of canine meal that can be bought in markets. Though, most people choose to feed their dogs with a homemade dog food. These self-made foods have been popular because most people are researching the appropriate way to give their dog the best meal.

The main ingredient of any conventional homemade dog food should be protein. Protein is the main content that should be included in a dog's diet.

Animal meat is the prime foundation of protein-nutrient that is why it is essential to find the best chicken-meat or beef-meat.

A homemade pet meal is one of the significant necessities an owner can give to their pets, so it should be carefully prepared. It is also good to try different kinds of homemade recipes that incorporate a different source of protein. There several sources of protein, such as as chicken. Dogs will be enthusiastic if different types of meals are served to them.

Owners may also choose other types of ingredients. Although the main source of the pets diet is protein-nutrient, it is also ideal to add calcium on their food formula.

In addition, for those individuals who wish to have a general source of healthy meal for their pet, Burns dog food is the ideal alternative. This dog food is naturally made with healthy ingredients that give your dog more energy. Several experts recommend this dog meal since it is very effective. They are easy serve and available at a cheap price.

Nowadays, many individuals feed their dogs with a homemade dog food, due to its natural pet food ingredients. However, for those people who wish to feed their dogs with a natural and healthy meal, burns dog food is the ideal alternative.

-Melinda Smith


Natural Dog Food Over Commercial Dog Food

Dogs can be man's best friend. These loyal pets can be helpful assistants to their masters. Studies reveal that nearly 80 million people in the United States own at least one dog. This means that nearly 7 out of 10 people own a pet dog. Veterinary visits would cost pet owners at least $248 per year. Dogs will remain loyal buddies for us as long as we take good care of them. You should always treat enough food and shelter for your dog a priority. A great way to avoid occasional visits to the veterinary is to feed them with healthy food. Give your most beloved pet natural dog food rich in nutrients. Nutrients found in vegetables, meat, grain, fruit, and dairy can be found in organic food. Giving them organic food can increase their strength, boost their health, and add up to their (dog) years of existence.

Purely natural ingredients make up one brand of dog food called Merrick dog food. It has no preservatives or artificial flavors. The Merrick formula uniquely contains salt to increase sodium and chloride content of the dog food, which can be easily digested by dogs.

Another suitable brand of dog food is the Lifes Abundance dog food, which offers high protein diet for dogs. Dogs need protein because they are carnivores, or flesh eating animals. However, unlike protein, a diet with high carbohydrates is not advised for dogs.

What dogs need are food rich in protein, like fish, meat, and other fruits. Lifes Abundance dog food is made up of fresh catfish, apple, some vegetables, and egg. This is much better than providing your pet commercial, cereal-based food. You can show your dog that you love them by providing them with a quality meal.

The natural dog food recipe called "Bad Breath Banishers" can boost your pet's health and kill its bad breath at the same time. First, you have to prepare the following: half cup of chopped parsley, three tablespoons of canola oil, two-thirds cup of low fat milk, half cup of fresh mint chopped, a tablespoon of charcoal (activated), two cups of brown rice flour, and egg. While putting oil on the cookie sheet, preheat the oven at 400 degrees. After that, mix the activated charcoal and flour, and pour over the other ingredients. After pouring the mixture on the oiled sheet, bake for 20 minutes and then serve.

The "Doggie-Liver-Dip" is another must try natural dog food recipe. For this recipe, you need to prepare one-pound liver (beef), two cups beef cubes, one teaspoon garlic powder, and a 16-ounces plain yogurt. Let the liver chunks simmer in the pan, and then add the beef cubes for flavor. Refrigerate it after cooking and serve it after 3-4 days. Vegetables such as celery and carrots can also be added to the meal.

Preparing everyday meal for your dog is never easy. You have to consider its nutritional content. Some food may be edible, and healthy for humans, but not for dogs. This is why feeding them with natural dog food is important. Some examples of organic food are lifes abundance dog food and merrick dog food. Both health-wise and budget-wise, these are great options.

-Melinda Smith


Monday, August 15, 2011

Dog Treats And Their Health Benefits For Dogs

Dog treats are usually used when training dogs. It can serve as a reward when they perform well. However, we should be very careful in choosing what to give to our dogs. Even if they are just a treat, we should be wary of their ingredients and the health benefits they have for our pets. You see, some ingredients have negative effects on their bodies albeit their legality.

Knowing this, we really have to be careful of the dog treats that we give them. If you want, you can avoid giving your pets commercial products and give them home made foods instead. This way, you're more aware of what you're giving them and sure that there wouldn't be any complications with their health.

Baked biscuits are good home made dog treats. You can bake biscuits with flour, eggs and oat meal. If you don't have oat meal, rye or bran would serve as a good alternative. It's best to give this to them while they're fresh so they could savor all the nutrients that these ingredients have.

If you don't have the luxury of time to bake biscuits for your dogs, then you should look for commercial products that do not contain the ingredients we warned you about above. One good commercial product is Wellness dog food. It has enough meat that dogs need and love which will supply them with protein.

This product also has oat meal, barley and rice. These will provide their bodies with carbohydrates and Vitamin B. Wellness dog food also includes tomato pomace and pea fiber. These two will give them fiber - improving their metabolism.

So, if you want to make sure your pets are eating nothing but healthy snacks, you should stick with home made snacks or the product we have just recommended. There are many recipes for dog food on discussion threads and groups on the web. With these, it'll be easier to teach them new tricks and keep their bodies healthy and strong.

Wellness dog food has many ingredients that are nutritional for dogs. These serves as great dog treats especially when you're trying to teach you pet some tricks. Either this or you can make home made biscuits with the help of online recipes for dog food.

-Melinda Smith


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dog Information You May Find Helpful

Vital dog information that every pet owner should know is what to feed their pets. Feeding them properly will ensure that they live a healthier and longer life. This will benefit us as well because they will become more active companions and will avoid becoming lethargic even as they age. So read on below if you want to know what's the best thing for your dogs to eat.

The first product we have is Lifes Abundance dog food. This will be able to give your pet 100% complete nutrition. This product allows us to give them a complete diet in only a single meal. If you're thinking about preservatives and dubious ingredients, there are none. It's made up of nothing but natural ingredients.

The only side-effects you'll see in Lifes Abundance dog food is a change of appearance in your pet. You'll notice that she'll become stocky, heavier and prettier. All these are the effects of its ingredients. It has an antioxidant, pomegranate extract, which enables them to get rid of stuff their bodies do not need.

Wysong dog food is very similar to the above mentioned product. Its has almost the same ingredients as the above product which will make them healthier and stronger. It contains phosphorous and protein among many others. You'll also notice that they like eating it too, probably because it was made to be tasty for their preferences. The thing is, dogs aren't really amenable in changing what they eat - that wouldn't be a problem though with these two pet foods.

Another important piece of dog information that you should know as a pet owner is that dogs need a balanced diet. Some find it hard to do this. You'll be able to do it easily though with the help of these two.

We certainly hope that the dog information we gave was very useful. Taking care of them is a big responsibility and feeding them right is a good way to start.

Vital dog information every pet owner should know is what to feed their dogs. Their dogs should have a balanced diet and that can be achieved with Lifes Abundance dog food. Wysong dog food is an equally nutritious product that can improve a pet's health.

-Melinda Smith


Pet Food That Has All The Nutrients Dogs Need

Your dog's health is reflective of his diet. In a way, they too are what they eat. If they consume pet food that cannot really nourish their bodies, they will eventually become lethargic and sickly. Give them a complete meal though and you will be able to promote their vigor and prolong their lives. But how exactly can you give dogs a complete meal?

First, you have to know what nutrients pet food should provide. One nutrient that does a lot for them is protein. With protein, they are provided with the amino acids their bodies are not capable of producing. They give dogs energy and enable them to produce antibodies.

They also need carbohydrates from their pet food. However, there are some experts who say that dogs don't really need carbohydrates while others say that it needs to make up for 40-55% of their diet. Carbohydrates, like protein, supply them energy. In addition, carbohydrates can give dietary fiber which enables them to digest food much better. Dogs also need a certain amount of fat. Fat gives them the ability to keep their skin and coat pretty and healthy, as it also improves their immunity. Dogs also need an assortment of vitamins and minerals.

That's quite an order to fill huh? It is a good thing that there is a product that will be able to give them all of these in just a single meal. Flint River Ranch dog food contains all of these ingredients. A single serving would contain all he needs we mentioned above. The vitamins it has for dogs allow them better bowel movement.

Originating from homemade dog food recipes, this product is 100% natural. One of the best features of these products is they do not contain harmful preservatives or similar chemicals. This also means that we don't have to worry about our pets getting some sort of allergy or weird reaction from this product.

Also, because these products are oven-baked product twice, our pets will be able to absorb their nutrients more efficiently. If you are unable to provide your dogs a complete and balanced diet, we suggest that you try this out for a week - once you see its results, you have to worry no more. What's more is you can order Flint River Ranch dog food on the internet and it comes fresh to your home.

The pet food we give to our dogs is the basis of their health. We have to give them a complete and balanced meal which can be attained with Flint River Ranch dog food. Since it is borne from homemade dog food recipes, it has no harmful preservatives and chemicals.

-Melinda Smith


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Dog Food: How Safe is the Dry Kind?

It is always a great joy to own a pet. At the end of the day, you have your dog to greet you and have a stressful day easier to bear. These undeniable moments go by longer with proper dog care. You can give your dog a longer life by giving them healthy dog food. Dog food brands usually come as dry or wet types.

Dry dog food is the cheaper alternative, and is convenient for long-term buyers since it doesn't easily spoil. About six to 10 percent is the measurement for moisture. Though the dry food is a practical alternative budget-wise, many of its ingredients are unhealthy fillers.

The dog's absorbance of nutrients works based on the brand's fillers. Dogs have a hard time absorbing from white rice while oats and beans are useless. Corn and potato fillers contain a smaller nutritional value than rice. Other ingredients such as ground corn also cannot help with absorption but come at cheaper prices. These cheap ingredients can cause unfortunate side effects like appetite loss and diarrhea.

Labels usually list ingredient in descending order. Brands that place corn, rice or barley first are not healthy. Look out for brands that place beef first then corn last. In terms of protein, the Association of American Feed Control Officials advises that meats are weight before cooking when listing the corresponding amount.

Sojos food is a healthy alternative to commercially available dog food. This brand uses healthy ingredients such as sea vegetables, safe grains, and herbs. Ingredients stick to the basics, leaving out any fillers and preservatives. You and your dog will have no health problems to worry about.

Wellness pet food brands are a long-term investment. Dry dog food appears cheaper and more practical but will actually lead to more vet and medicine charges. It is better to invest in a price that is worth it, as seen in healthy wellness food ingredients.

Dog food is an important part of proper canine care. Dry dog food is the most popular and most commercially available. Unfortunately there have been reports of its ingredients being unhealthy and detrimental to your dog in the long-run. A healthy alternative to these commercial brands is sojos food. This is a wellness pet food brand that uses wholesome and safe ingredients.

-Melinda Smith


Dog Information For Healthier Pets

Have you ever picked up a can of pet food and wondered about the dog information found on the label? You should do some research on what products might harm your beloved animal if you often worry about your pet's health. Everyone with a pet would like to ensure that their animals are well taken care of!

Many pet owners are looking for ways to take better care of their animal friends. If you are one of those people, you should be sure to search for dog information and ways to better take care of your animal. You should know about the many facts regarding the dangers of processed and artificial food which is not recommended for your pet! You animal's health should be top priority and a way to ensure this is to only purchase meals with the right nutrition.

A good way to go is to whip up your own home made dog food. By doing this, you have full control over everything that goes in to your pet's meals. These products help your pets live a long and healthy life while utilizing innovative nutrition, ensuring your animal's happy and healthy life. By addressing all your pets nutritional needs, you can rest assured that your animal is safe and well protected.

Sojos food is something ideal for your animal as it offers a ready-mix. These are meals which are easy to make. You will not have to worry much about your pet's nutrition as you can work with only fresh and natural food. What you can do is supplement this with fresh foods for your pets overall health. You can also try working with your local butcher to provide the best meals for your loved animal.

If you are not too sure about raw products to feed your dog, supplement your Sojos food with cooked meat, or, if you must, only the best canned food that is ideal for your animal's diet. You should always make sure that you only purchase products which are fresh and very high in nutrition. Do not purchase any foods which are loaded with artificial flavors and preservatives because this will harm your pet.

You can be sure that you are doing a good job as a owner when your pet is healthy and happy. A great way to do this is to keep up with the latest dog information on the best foods to purchase for your pet. Always make sure that you feed them with food which is healthy and high in nutrition! A great way to do this is to keep up with the latest dog information on the best foods to purchase for your pet!

For pet owners who would like to keep up with the best and latest ways to better take care of your pet, you should try searching for some useful dog information over the internet. Caring pet owners who would like to make sure your animal gets only the best food should try whipping up your own home made dog food. To help you in doing this, sojos food can be a great help! Just supplement it with raw or cooked meat.

-Melinda Smith


What Treats To Pick For Your Pet

These days, most dog owners and handlers regard their pets as a part of their families. These pet owners often treat their pets like royalties; giving them the best canine products that they could find in the market. Feeding your pet with dog treats is perhaps one of the easiest means to make him feel happy, loved and appreciated. Aside from functioning as snacks, however, treats are also widely used as reinforcements when teaching pets to learn tricks and good behavior.

When you're in the market for dog treats, always look at the amount of calories contained in the snacks that you intend to purchase. As a general guideline, the amount of calories in your pet's treats should be significantly lower than the calories contained in his daily meals. Bear in mind that feeding dogs with treats that are filled with calories along with their daily ration of food could cause obesity, which in turn could post risk to the health of your dog. It would be wise that you find out your dog's calorie and nutritional needs first from his veterinarian before you settle for random treats available in the market today.

If you have the intent of concocting the dog treats of your pet right at your own kitchen, always remember that dog snacks should be nutritious, palatable, and low in fat. As such, it is vital that you make healthy food selections that would complement the taste preference and nutritional needs of your dog. Vegetables and fruits are probably the best homemade snacks you could offer to your pet. You could give him sweet raw baby carrots, pieces of banana, raw broccoli and sweet red pepper, and pieces of apples and pears, or you can make a combination of these veggies and fruits and see what your dog likes. A treat that is rich in protein can be easily served to your pet by baking beef liver in the oven, but abstain from feeding your dog with chicken skin and cooked bones as these snacks could induced allergies and could choke your pet and damage his intestines.

Of course, not all dog owners have good schedules that would permit them to personally make the treats of their pets. If you're among those dog owners, time constraints should not be a reason at all to disregard the health of your dog. You could still provide the best and healthiest treats for your dog by purchasing snacks from trusted dog food brands that are known for healthy treats and meals that are scientifically formulated to enhance the diet of dogs. Flint River Ranch dog food is one of the companies that could fit the bill of dog food lines that offer healthy meals and treats for dogs.

Flint River Ranch dog food is an established pet food company that offers top-of-the-line meals for pets that are specially formulated with you dog's health, wellness and happiness in mind. Along with their premium dog food products, Flint River also has several canine treats that are made from the combination of human-grade meats, wholesome grains, garden fresh vegetables and herbs, with a superior blend of vitamins and minerals that would ensure the health of your dog. To further exemplify their devotion in providing pets with the best treats and meals, they assure their clients that all their products are free from hazardous chemicals and preservatives, such as by-products, useless artificial colors, ethoxyquin, BHA or BHT, and artificial flavorings, that could endanger the lives of pets.

Besides Flint River, Pedigree dog food is another top-of-the-line pet food company that manufactures healthy meals and treats for pets, especially made from the combination of whole grains and superior quality poultry and meat. They have several snack selections that dog owners can choose from, and each of these snacks are not only nutritious and delicious they also have specific functions. Pedigree has treats that are suitable for small, medium and large dog breeds; treats that can maintain and enhance the lustrous shine of dog coats and could also strengthen their bones; and treats that help reduce plaque and tartar buildup that often cause bad breath on dogs. With these healthy and nutritious treats made available for busy owners like you, there's no reason not to provide your dog with the healthiest treats that would safeguard his health and would also make him happier.

As a member of the family, it is important that you spoil your pet every once in a while to make him feel loved and appreciated. What better way to do this than by giving him healthy dog treats that he would definitely enjoy. Today, treats come in a variety of form, shapes and taste. However, it is always best that you settle for a dog food brand that create dog meals and treats from the finest, holistic and human quality ingredients such as those products produced by Flint River Ranch dog food and Pedigree dog food.

-Melinda Smith


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dog Treats That Will Make Your Pets Healthy And Strong

Wondering what dog treats are healthy for your pet? Below, we will be discussing a product that is both healthy and delicious for dogs. It is completely safe and does not have any harmful preservatives or chemicals to your pet's biochemistry. Indeed, it contains all the minerals and nutrients that dogs need for a healthier and more active body.

The product I am talking about is Flint River Ranch dog food. It's ingredients are all natural and even human-grade. In order to maximize its absorption of nutrients, manufacturers oven-bake these twice. Also, it is highly recommended by veterinarians, trainers and breeders. What really sets this product apart though is the fact that it's the most complete meal you can ever give your dogs.

When you order the product, it'll be sent to your home relatively fresh. This assures you that what you'll be giving your pet is nothing but a quality treat. It has phosphorous, protein, calcium and everything else that dogs need for a complete and balanced diet. But there's something in it for you too. It's cheaper than raw meat and other sorts of food that are ideal for dogs.

If you want to make, or keep, your pet healthy by giving them the right type of foods, you can never go wrong with Flint River Ranch dog food. It's very easy to buy them since they're available on the net. A responsible pet owner is one who feeds their pets the right foods and this is definitely the product of choice.

As well as your pet's regular meals, you may also wish to give him some dog treats. This will ensure that your pet is extra happy, as well as being on a well-balanced diet that will serve to prolong your dog's life. That is the important thing here - balance. They're no different from us humans as too much of anything can be bad for us.

You can also give them some home-made dog treats if you like. If you have leftover food, you may try mixing the meat with rice or mashed potato - something different to give to your pet. You may also give your dogs eggs and vegetables although he might not be as willing to eat this as he would fresh meat products.

Flint River Ranch dog food is one of the best manufactured products you can ever give your dog. This premium dog food is complete with all the nutrients they need. Couple this with dog treats and your dog will be on a well-balanced diet.

-Melinda Smith


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Natural Dog Treats: Healthy Food Options To Spoil Your Pet

Every now and then we like to spoil our pets in order for them to feel that we appreciate the love and affection they provide to us. We bathe them with pricey shampoos, or buy them fashionable clothing that they could wear whenever we walk them around. There are many ways on how we could make our furry friends happy and contented but, nothing beats the power of giving them dog treats. Treats are also the most ideal reinforcements we could use to let our pets learn tricks and obedience techniques.

Back in the days, dog treats were generally composed of fatty biscuits and commercial treats that are packed with preservatives and synthetic additives; unhealthy options that largely contribute to the rise of deadly diseases among canine pets. However, times have definitely changed; as more and more homeowners advocate healthier meals for their canine pets, dog food lines are now also leaving junk treats and moving towards healthier options. Nowadays you could easily spot healthy treats in the market that include greenies, gourmet bones and healthy biscuits just to name a few.

Natural dog treats are new additions in canine treats. As their name suggests, these treats are made from all-natural and human-grade ingredients, ensuring your pet's overall health and wellness. Consequently, natural treats are far superior than commercial treats especially when it concerns one's budget. Even though your initial purchase of these edible canine products may actually cost more than the commercial treats available in your local grocery, a diet of natural meals and treats over the life span of your pet could actually result to lesser diseases and illnesses, which means your pet doesn't have to frequently visit his veterinarian and lesser vet bills on your part.

If you are to purchase treats for Buddy, it pays to choose a dog food company known for their holistic dog formulas. Flint River Ranch dog food line offers top-of-the-line dog meals and treats especially formulated with your pet's health and happiness on the top of their priorities. Every package of their product is packed with the perfect combination of wholesome grains, herbs, fruits and meat that are generally human-grade in quality. All of these are carefully prepared in a very special oven-baked process in order to maintain the integrity of each ingredient, thereby ensuring your pet will receive the most satisfying and nutritious meals and treats.

Officially established and launched in 1993, Flint River Ranch dog food is the product of creative and passionate pet owner Jim Flint. Utilizing his family's 50 years of business background, Flint collaborated and sought recommendations from animal experts including animal nutritionists, veterinarians and industry experts in order to create a unique manufacturing process of healthy and holistic canine meals and treats. The efforts they've made resulted to the development of what is now known as Flint River dog food line, which is recognized for high quality canine meals that are delivered through direct-sales marketing and home delivery services that makes the ordering process more convenient for dog owners. This is the reason why you can't spot a product or two from Flint River Ranch pet food in your local supermarkets because the people behind this food line would like to make sure that their products are delivered at their premium quality--straight from their company ovens right in front of your door step.

Currently, Flint River Ranch is contemplated as one of the front runners in oven-baking production of meals and treats for both canine and feline pets. In fact, based from myriads of dog food reviews, their products have consistently received outstanding dog food ratings among pet owners and animal experts. If you really want to provide the best meals and treats that would make your pet healthy and happy, now is the right time to settle for a dog food company that value your pet's health and wellness more than anything else. Flint River Ranch is an ideal dog food brand that would surely provide effective and healthy solutions to your pet's nutritional and health requirements.

Feeding your pet with dog treats is one of the most effective means to let him feel that he is loved and cared for. However, you must understand that not all treats are equally at par in quality and nutrition. Nevertheless, not all of the treats you see in the market have passed consumer dog food ratings. If you want to be sure that you're feeding your pet with healthy treats, give him treats from Flint River Ranch dog food.

-Melinda Smith


Pet Food Essentially Made To Meet the Health Requirements Of Canines Pet Food Manufactured From Organic And Natural Foods Pet Food Gives A Balanced Nutrition For Dogs

Many pet lovers choose to take care of dogs because of their physical strength and playful personality. Dogs are very sociable and fun to have around. They greet you at the door as soon as you get home from work. Many say that dogs are man's best friend, indeed there is truth in that. Pet lovers care for their dogs by nourishing and taking care well of them. Hence, they provide them with right pet food.

Feeding your dogs properly is a great way of showing them that you care. Their energy and health depends heavily on the type of pet food you give them. Many people believe that commercial dog food products could provide the essential nutrients that dogs need. Yet, there is no truth in this claim for these products are packed with chemicals and preservatives that can be very harmful to your pet's health.

For them to have a long life, dogs must have an appropriate dietary regimen. By giving them healthy meals that match their dietary needs, they will become stronger and healthier. Due to this, many pet lovers prefer to make their own homemade dog food using different meats, dairies, fruits, grains, and vegetables to ensure that they will suffice to the nutritional requirements of canines. This is because homemade meal are high in nutrition and free from preservatives and chemicals.

Preparing healthy dog meals from scratch is not an easy task to accomplish. This is especially true if you have a job that will not permit you to have time to prepare homemade meals for your dog. The good thing is there are natural and organic meals for canines which are manufactured to meet their nutritional requirements and are now available in stores. Innova dog food products are good for all types of dog. These products are highly endorsed for it is made using the same process as homemade meals for canines.

The aforesaid dog food brand offers several selections that can satisfy your pet's taste buds. Their dry and canned meals are safe to eat and good for adult dogs and puppies. Every pack of Innova provides dogs with complete and balanced nutrition. They are also low in fat content, thereby making them easy to digest and they have nutritional ingredients that are very similar to homemade dog food. Moreover, its Vitamin E, DHA, EPA, protein, and fatty acids contents are best for growing puppies.

A dog is a man's best friend. Like human, dogs can also comfort us. Therefore, the best care we can provide should be given to them. By providing them the right pet food, they can become healthy and strong. Nourish your dog with food rich in nutrients and essential fats. This way, he or she will receive a balanced nutrition that would ensure his longevity and health safety.

Essential nutrients are needed by dogs to have a long life and a healthy body. To achieve this you can provide them with appropriate pet food. Pet lovers choose to prepare homemade dog food which is a combination of meats, dairies, fruits, grains, and vegetable to assure the safety of their pets. Yet busy work schedules get in the way and time is not allotted for home made meals to be made. Yet, Innova dog food is now available in stores. This dog food brand is made from organic and natural foods best for your pet.

-Melinda Smith


Pet Food Can Help Improve Your Dogs Health

Your beloved pet is someone who provides you with joy as well as happiness. What could possibly be more crucial than order your dog the best pet food available. Have you ever visited a supermarket or even a specialty shop and identified yourself dumbfounded with all the choices presented to you? There are numerous choices available which you wouldn't know what direction to go with.

How would you know which pet food to get if each of them claim to be the best in the market? The only way to find out is to see the labels well, do online investigation and ask an expert.

Once you have done so and have decided what to purchase you'll be able to have your dog try it. This will allow you to determine if it is really good for them because you'll be able to see how their bodies react to the food they are consuming on a daily basis.

Sometimes it can also be dangerous as well as scary to have your pet try new things because it may include harmful ingredients that you may not become well conscious of. A great tip that can be done is in order to ask your friends that possess pets or even ask a sales person regarding just what brand would be great for your pet. Be sure to prevent adding high processed foods that are full of preservatives.

Dog food ratings is very crucial to consider when searching for a good brand to serve your pet. This can help you determine the products performance as well as how individuals are reacting to it. Your dog's diet should include 50% beef and 50% greens, do not buy any products with grains, oats or even other fillers.

Buying premium brands such as wellness dog food over economy brands usually are recommended in terms of good high quality ingredients. The main brands usually deliver your money's worth and are very healthy for your pet.

Grains are a good source of energy and it also keeps your dog full for a longer amount of time. Whole grains are the best type of grain and this can be found in natural balance dog food.

-Melinda Smith


The Many Wonders Of Dog Food

To compensate for all the love and affection that canine pets provide to their families, it is crucial to provide them certain kinds of care. One good means to show how much you care for your dog is by feeding him with the right dog food. However, with the recent recalls on commercial dog food products, along with their associated health dangers, it is imperative to be vigilant about the food we feed to our pets. Due to these health concerns, many dog owners now prefer feeding their pets with healthier meals in the form of natural dog food meals.

Today, much attention is now given towards the health benefits that could be reaped from feeding pets with natural dog food products. In fact, the natural pet food market has been growing very fast over the past several years and is now competing to some extent with commercial dog food brands. According to pet studies, dogs fed with natural food are more healthier compared to dogs that are fed with commercial canine food products. This is because the natural ingredients contained in such food products generally have fewer preservatives and other synthetic ingredients, which are the leading contributors to major dog diseases such as skin allergies, renal failure, cancer as well as obesity.

Natural dog food products function the same way as natural food function for humans. Because these pet edible products are void of junk ingredients like animal by-products, chemical preservatives as well as cheap fillers, which are usually contained in commercial varieties, they ensure the overall wellness of your pet. They can reduce the speed of premature aging and the risk of acquiring degenerative diseases like diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and cancer. Likewise, dogs are also defended against bowel problems. Unlike commercial dog food products that are only satiating when given in large servings, which often causes obesity, natural canine food products can satisfy pets even in smaller quantities.

Because of the growing appreciation for natural food for pets, many dog food lines have emerged in order to address the growing needs for natural canine food products. However, with the on-going recalls on commercial dog food brands, not all of these emerging "natural" canine food brands can be trusted. Only a handful of natural canine food products today could actually provide the above benefits for your dog, which is why it is important to opt for brands that have been acknowledged for their clean track record when it comes to natural pet food. One of them is Lifes Abundance dog food.

Lifes Abundance dog food are specially formulated by Dr. Jane Bicks, a holistic veterinarian who gives emphasis to the importance of dog nutrition. Every pack of Lifes Abundance edible dog products are made from human-quality ingredients, without any artificial colors, preservatives, by-products and cheap fillers, making it safe for dog consumption. Dr. Bicks also made sure that every ingredient used for Life's Abundance products is nutrient dense and highly digestible by pets. No wonder it is recommended by many veterinarians.

Of course, aside from purchasing natural food products for your dog, you also have the option to make your own natural home made dog food. Before you go with this option however, make sure to visit your veterinarian firsts to know his opinion and recommendations concerning the introduction of natural home made meals for your dog. Once you are able to make home made meals for your pooch, you could surely provide him the best pampering he needs. By feeding your dog with natural canine food, you are not only letting him feel how much you care for him, you are also guaranteeing the safety of his health.

If you want to lengthen the life of your dog, consider feeding him natural dog food. Animal experts pointed out that this dog food is void of preservatives, artificial coloring and other synthetic ingredients, making it safe and healthy. Lifes abundance dog food is a known brand that offers natural canine food products. Aside from natural food, you could also settle for home made dog food so that you'd be the one who will make the meals of your pets.

-Melinda Smith


Ideal Food Choices For Dogs

Among the domesticated animals today, dogs are perhaps the ones that greatly captured the attention and love of many people. But, as people become more and more comfortable with their dogs, they have the tendency to overlook the nutritional needs of their pets. As a response to these needs, companies have created various types of dog foods with the promise to ensure their health and to provide them with exceptional nutrition. However, in today's market, it can be very challenging to find healthy natural dog food to feed your dogs.

When shopping for natural dog food, it always pays to check the label of your dog food choice in order to know its ingredients. If you're not sure about the kinds of dog foods that are being sold in the market today, you could do a simple research online or learn to shop around in order to know what is there in store for you and your pet, which in turn would help you make a sound decision. It is also important that you consider the breed and age of your pets because there are actually dog meals in the market that are specifically made for certain types of dog breeds and dog ages, which might not be appropriate for your pet.

Organic and natural dog food products are great options available for your pets' diet. If you haven't heard these terms before, they are actually similar in many aspects and functions, and their only difference lies on the way how they were processed. Both natural and organic dog food are said to have high nutritional values compared with commercial dog meals. This is because these meals are free from chemicals, artificial flavors and coloring, and other preservatives that could harm dogs. They are specifically created to help your pets stay in their best shape and are formulated to be as natural as possible.

If the aforementioned food choices does not capture your interest, you always have the option of concocting your own dog food recipes. This way, you'll know what your dog is eating and you can carefully select the ingredients contained in their food. But, if you can't concoct natural meals for your pet, the best option you have is to settle for a dog food brand that is known for its all-natural and healthy dog meals.

One such company is Lifes Abundance Dog Food. This dog food line specializes in all-natural food products that are suitable for all dog ages and dog breeds. All the ingredients contained in every pack of their meals were carefully selected in order to ensure that they would be able to provide holistic nutrition to pets. In addition, they are adherent to the animal feeding protocols of AAFCO, which simply implies that their products have undergone strict quality controls, making them safe for pets.

Bear in mind that the health of your dogs is as important as yours, which is why you have to carefully monitor their diets and the food that you feed to them all the time as this is the first step to ensure their overall wellness. Although the market is profuse with different kinds of dog meals, giving you more options to choose from, it is always wise to opt for food products that are concocted from all-natural ingredients, much like the products manufactured by Lifes Abundance dog food. Through this, not only are you making your pets happy and satiated, you are also giving them the opportunity to live healthier and longer.

When it comes to your pets' food, it is always preferable to settle for either natural dog food or organic dog food. These types of dog meals are made from the finest wholesome ingredients that are void of chemicals and preservatives often contained in commercial dog food products. There are many dog food lines out there that offer natural and organic dog meals such as Lifes Abundance dog food. However, if you're really serious about the health of your pet, the best thing that you could do is to concoct your own dog food recipes, as this would allow you to pick the right ingredients to include in his meals.

-Melinda Smith


Where And How To Get The Right Dog Information

If you're a new dog owner, chances are, you're having trouble picking the right dog food brand for your pet. You must consider the fact that the mental and physical condition, performance, longevity, energy and general health of your pooch greatly depends on the food that you feed him. Any discussion about canine nutrition begins with appropriate dog information, and always bear in mind that if an advertised dog food sounds too good to be real, then it probably is. A dollar's worth of nutrition cannot be packaged to be sold in a few cents. Your pooch is a valuable source of love and happiness, which is why the quality of his food is something that you shouldn't pinch pennies on.

By now you might be asking where should I get the right dog information concerning the dog food that I'm supposed to feed my pet? The first thing that you must do is to collect information written on the labels of dog food products. You must be aware that all edible products for canines are required by animal authorities to list their compositions, and dog foods that have the best ingredients and holistic nutritional elements would proudly display such information. It is vital that you painstakingly understand the elements written on dog food labels and if necessary call or write manufacturers to become well informed about the food you're feeding to your furry friend.

By reading the labels of every dog food brand you come across with, you will have an idea about the types of ingredients that were used to process these products as well as the sources, quality and quantities of protein, carbohydrate and fat they carry. You could make dog food comparison based from the label information you've collected in order to land the right canine food for your pet. If the information you're looking for is not contained on the label of a specific dog food, skip on that product and go over the next one.

Other than dog food labels, you could also gain helpful canine information from the websites of dog food manufacturers. One case in point is Honest Kitchen dog food line, which is well-noted for their online visibility that helps dog owners thoroughly understand the products they sell. By navigating through their website, you would have an idea about the ingredients that this food line use to process their canine food products and how these products respond to the dietary needs of pets. They also reserved a page for the process they utilize to develop their dog formulas, which is a very valuable resource if you would like to inspect the quality of their dog foods.

The interactive website of Honest Kitchen is also updated, thereby assuring owners that the information contained in their website are new and informative. You would also be introduced to the team that formulated their dog foods, which in turn will help you become familiar with the people who truly knows the needs of your pets. In short, the website of Honest dog food line is the perfect avenue where dog owners will learn all the information they need about the products offered by Honest. Hence, if you decide to purchase their canine food products all you have to do is visit their website and find all the valuable information you need to help you establish your final decision.

If you can't fully grasp the dog information found on the labels of dog food brands or the information on the websites for dog food manufacturers, the best thing to do is pay a visit to your pet's veterinarian or with a similarly qualified animal professional. For sure not only will they give you helpful advices about canine foods, they would also help you in developing a diet appropriate for your pet. There are some veterinary clinics that offer free sources about the nutritional requirements of canine pets, which you could take advantage of. Once you are armed with the right information, you can be assured that the dog food you are about to select is the most appropriate for the needs of your pet.

The discussions of canine nutrition begin with appropriate dog information. Hence, if you're a dog owner, you must take the time to collect information that would assist you in keeping your pet healthy and happy. There are several means on how you could acquire canine information. The easiest is to read the labels of the food you provide your pet. Also, visit the websites of canine food lines like Honest Kitchen and read reviews to make appropriate dog food comparison.

-Melinda Smith


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Dog Information That Can Make Your Pet Healthier

Looking for dog information regarding pet foods and nutrition? In this article, we will be giving you tips on what foods can be nutritious to your dogs. As you may know, a healthy diet for will extend their longevity. With such a diet, they'll be more playful and active.

Organic dog food is the best diet for dogs. This is usually comprised of raw meat. They totally love these. Not only that, they're also healthy for your pets. After feeding them meat for a week, they'll start becoming more active. You can try mixing it with rice or others to give them a better meal.

Raw meat does not come cheap though. If you're looking to save money, you can turn to other foodstuffs. Vegetables are other organic dog food that will be sufficient for their health. You want to feed them ones rich in protein and phosphorous. You can get protein from legumes and eggs. It can also be obtained from raw bones with meat. Raw bones also contain calcium which is another nutrient that they need.

If you want manufactured products, then you can turn to Solid Gold dog food. It has all the minerals and nutrient their bodies need. A single meal of this will be sufficient to give them everything they need. A good thing about this product is that it does not have chemicals and preservatives that will prove to be harmful to them.

Another dog information we can give you is that they need lots of exercise. Exercise will enable them to burn off fat and calories and will lessen the possibility of them bloating. Similar to humans, they need a balanced amount of both food and exercise. So, make sure that you walk them and play with them often so they wouldn't get fat and overweight.

So, we do hope that the above dog information was helpful to you. A balanced diet will leave them strong and fit. Consulting your veterinarian will let you know which nutrients they are lacking.

The best thing you can feed your dogs is organic dog food. Solid Gold dog food is a good alternative too - being able to supply your pets with everything they need. Other dog information that should be known to you is they need lots of exercise.

-Melinda Smith


Pet Food That Your Dogs Will Surely Love

Being able to choose the right foods for our dogs is crucial in order for them to be healthy and strong. We have to be informed on what can be beneficial to their bodies. Actually, it's quite easy to find pet food that can be nutritious and tasty to them. Which foods are these? They are discussed below so read on.

Raw meat is one such food. They're absolutely crazy for raw meat. This will make them strong and energetic. Having them eat on this only may be a bit heavy for your wallet, so what you can do is mix it with rice and mashed potatoes. You can also try to make home made pet food.

A good idea for home made pet food is raw bones with meat. It has calcium and phosphorous that dogs need. A bonus is they're very light for your pocket. Dinner leftovers will do for these. Legumes and eggs can also supplement them of these minerals.

If you want a manufactured product, then you can try Canidae dog food. It will be able to supplement them the minerals and nutrients that they need in a single meal. So, what you can do is prepare a meal schedule for your dogs. Try a combination of meat, bones, vegetables and this product. This will give your pets a well-balanced diet.

You should also know what pet food you should avoid. Chocolates are poisonous to them so it should never be given. You also cannot give bones to pups. They do not have the proper digestive capabilities yet so bones may damage their organs. For puppies, you may want to give them milk and meat first. You can also mix the product above with rice.

You may also try other pet food concoctions that you may have. There are people who feed their pets oatmeal. Consulting a veterinarian will eliminate your worries and doubts.

Dogs should be given the right pet food. Home made pet food will be able to make them strong and healthy. Canidae dog food is also a good choice if you want to give them everything their bodies need.

-Melinda Smith


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dog Treats: Know The Right Facts

The task of searching for the healthiest dog food is not as easy as picking for a good movie to watch. It is very important for owners to take into consideration some important factors before picking for the right dog food. Dogs that are fed with poor quality dog food are weaker and less active. To give you an idea on the right factors that you must consider when looking for the best dog treats, here is a simple discussion.

First and foremost, dog food must contain high quality meat. Meat is the source of protein, which is very vital in a dog's diet. Lack of this important nutrient will make your dog weak and lifeless. Like men, dogs also need to be fed with the right amount of essential nutrients for them to thrive. High quality dog treats can give dogs the boost that they really need.

Grains are also essential ingredients of dog foods. But keep in mind that the quantity of grains in one entire package must always be smaller than the amount of meat. Grains are important because of the special nutrients and minerals that they provide. Dog treats often contain several types of grains. But most of the time, one type is fairly sufficient to support the needs of a dog.

The way dog foods are processed must also be taken into consideration by dog owners. Giving your dog fresh from the market ingredients is ideal, but this is difficult to do most of the time. But homemade dog food is considered a good way to provide your dog with the right amount of nutrients. Or you can simply purchase a healthy, wellness or holistic dog food in the market and mix it with specialty high quality meat depending upon your preference.

One of the up and coming types of dog food today is Merrick Dog Food. The meat and grains that these dog food contains are simply exceptional. This dog food comes in different types namely chews, tendons, sausages, bones, ears, treats, fillet, and many more. You can also mix and match the meat to make a hearty and very healthy meal.

The best way to locate the healthiest dog food is to do research and read reviews. Always consider homemade dog food as this can cut down your costs while maintaining the quality of food that you are giving to your dog. Your dog can now be as healthy as ever. The best and the healthiest is already within reach.

Nothing beats the nutrients provided by Merrick dog food. Dog treats are essential to keep your dog healthy and strong. Homemade dog food can be mixed with other essential ingredients.

-Melinda Smith


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dog Food You Can Give Your Pets

The diet that your pets should have needs to be chosen carefully. You can't simply throw anything you want at them for it may have dangerous effects on their biochemistry. If you feed your dogs chocolate, then that could possibly be the last tasty treat they'll ever have. In order to make sure that you give them safe and healthy foods only, you have to be informed which is the right dog food for them.

How can you choose the right dog food? Wouldn't that be the manufactured ones they advertise on TV? Well, no, most commercial pet foods are definitely not ideal for your dog's health. You can't go wrong with raw meat though. Giving them raw meat will make them eat heartily and healthy. A big slab of meat is the best treat you can ever give him.

If you weren't able to finish dinner, then you can give your leftover food to them. If you want, you can choose to cook extra for your pets. Foods from an honest kitchen such as yours will serve them better than ones created in a factory with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. You should keep in mind though that there are some foods that you should give in moderation.

In order to save some money, one can always mix raw meat with rice. Aside from that, you can also supplement your dog's food with other grains such as oats from your honest kitchen.

Wellness pet food can also be an alternative. This can supplement them the minerals and nutrients they need. This should be given to them in moderation only. This way, you need not feed them meat all the time.

Don't be so discouraged with manufactured dog food though, as there are some healthy ones. But again, they should be given in moderation only. How would you feel I f you were to chomp on factory-produced foods each day? Remember to play with them often too, so that they can burn excess fat. Similar to humans, they too need their exercise.

The best dog food you could give your pets is meat. Aside from this, other honest kitchen foods such as rice can also be given. Wellness pet food too will be great for their health.

-Melinda Smith


Monday, January 31, 2011

Properly Manage Your Dog's Health With The Aid Of Natural Dog Food

When you make a dog a member of your family, it is your responsibility to develop a solid wellness plan that will help you in properly looking after your pet's health. Do not forget that companion animals give unconditional love and friendship to their owners that are almost the same and at times greater than the ones we can give to our families or friends. Taking this perspective into consideration, it is vital that you return the love and friendship that your pet gives by simply providing him the best possible care that you can afford. And one of the best means to oversee that you accomplish such goal is to provide him a holistic natural dog food that will suffice to his dietary and nutritional requirements.

Choosing the right meal for your dog is one of the main requirements of being a responsible guardian. Despite the availability of hundreds of types of dog food in the market today, you have to understand that not all them are capable of meeting the needs of your pet. In truth, a wide margin of these meals is not effective at all. Your dog has unique nutrient needs that include the right amount of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats and minerals, which are all vital elements that ensure their growth and enhance their ability to recuperate from a variety of illnesses. Accordingly, the nutrients provided by natural dog food products are said to be the best meal options for canine pets.

Natural dog food products are superior than commercial canine meals because the latter products are usually composed of unsafe and undesirable ingredients such as excessive grains, chemical additives and preservatives as well as animal by-products. These chemically-enhanced ingredients are proven hazardous to pets and can subject them to various illnesses that can cause them their lives. Life's Abundance, and other high quality dog foods, on the other hand, are generally made from human-grade ingredients that contain the right amount of nutrients that dogs need.

One of the best canine meal brand today is none other than Lifes Abundance dog food. All of their meals are composed of the freshest, wholesome grains that are void of by-products, corn, wheat, and chemical additives. Each pack of their pet food contains the highest level of proteins that are filled powerful antioxidants and probiotics that aids in proper digestion.

The meals manufactured by Lifes Abundance dog food are available in different variants, making it easier for pet owners like you to purchase the right meal appropriate for you and your pet's lifestyles. Say for example, your pet is starting to tip the scale, attend to this issue by purchasing their weight loss formula and use it as a part of your pet's health and wellness plan. If you have puppies, however, see to it that they grow healthy and strong by feeding them with premium health variant that has all the nutrients that puppies needs for faster growth.

If you are a hands-own pet owner and you think that ready-to-eat meal is not for your pet, the best option you can go for is to concoct homemade dog food recipes to ensure that you can give him the nutrients that he needs. Similar to humans, canine pets also prefer variety when it comes to their meals, and by personally concocting your pet's meals, you will be able to provide such variation and you will also make him feel that he is loved and cared for. When you are thinking of applying this option, it is in your best interest to do some reading or online research first, or consult with your pet's veterinarian to know what are the best ingredients to include in his daily meals. This way, your companion will receive the best possible care whatever condition he is currently in.

Lifes Abundance dog food is one of the leading companies known for making natural dog food products. They ensure that all their meals are made from the highest quality of ingredients and are free from preservatives and other chemical additives that can be harmful to canine pets. However, if you find that the products of the aforesaid brand cannot suffice to your pet's nutritional needs, you can always make your own homemade dog food recipes to ensure that your pooch will receive the right nutrition he needs.

-Melinda Smith


Friday, January 21, 2011

Dog Food: Feed You Dog Premium And Healthy Natural Food

Dogs are the epitome of loyalty and the embodiment of unconditional love. They rely on man's care and comfort in order to survive. This makes it very important for dog owners to give their dogs the best and healthiest dog foods.

Many owners give importance to dog health and care. Never treat dogs like dolls which you can play with the entire day. In order to remain strong, dogs should be fed with healthy food containing appropriate nutrients. To remain active and healthy, dogs need the right amount of vitamins. This is the reason why natural dog meals are highly recommended by experts and dog enthusiast alike.

Sojos food is becoming more in demand because of the advantages that it provides. This kind of dog meal is said to provide short term as well as long term health benefits. This kind of dog meal is rich in supplements and does not contain additives which can ruin your dog's healthy meal. Your dog will live longer and grow faster, thanks to these amazing dog meals. Most commercial dog meals however does not contain sufficient vitamins. Good thing there is sojos, the best and the healthiest dog meal today.

Sojos food draws its strength from the way it is prepared. You can simply mix this dog meal with other vegetables and meat to create a hearty and healthy dog meal. In order to come up with a healthy and good dog meal, you can simply add water and other healthy ingredients to this dog meal. This allows dog owners to personalize and customize the dog meal which they give to their dog.

Many dog foods claim that they are the best and the healthiest. However, some contain preservatives and additives which can't do any good to your dog. Natural dog meals can give your dog the vitamins and supplements they really deserve. In addition, choose dog meals that are cooked in low heat to make sure that they still contain the right vitamins and minerals. Did you know that some commercial dog meals are merely sprayed with vitamins at the end of the process?

Give your dog the best care and attention it deserves. Dogs that are fed with the best dog meals tend to become more loyal and happier. Give your dog the healthiest dog foods available in the market. Make sure that your dog is receiving the right amount of nutrients for it to stay healthy and lively.

Sojos food are becoming more in demand because of the benefits that it provides. Dog foods that are cooked in high heat tend to lose its vitamins and minerals. Dog health is a vital facet in dog rearing because dogs need the care and attention of their owners in order to survive. Give your dog the best and the healthiest dog meals in order to enhance their longevity and better their vitality.

-Brigitte Smith


Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dog Information - Your Dog's Health Depends Upon It

Taking care of an animal entails a lot of responsibility. Once you get the hang of it, however, and have the right materials, it won't be so difficult. Health is the most important factor to take care of with a pet. The right dog information on healthy food brands leads to easier pet care.

One of the popular alternatives is organic dog food. These food brands cost higher than usual. Pet owners need to budget effectively while still giving importance to their animal's health. Thankfully, organic products have a lot of benefits and can ease other finances, such as veterinary and medicine bills.

Unlike other dog food types, organic can maintain a healthy weight for your dog. Although a chubby dog is great to cuddle, unnecessary weight can lead to health problems such as organ failure, back problems, or canine diabetes. Proper weight is maintained by giving your pet the right nutrients. Organic brands ensure your dog's well-being by not using bulk fillers.

Another aspect at an advantage is your dog's digestion. Natural, non-artificial ingredients in the organic brands allow your dog to properly absorb nutrients.

Unhealthy brands that use artificial ingredients can lead to problems such as bloating, vomiting, and gas. Safe ingredients to look out for are lamb, chicken, and oats.

Read through the ingredients before buying a particular organic brand. The best brands use vegetables, fruits, chicken, and organic rice. The brand is not organic if it contains artificial chemicals and any bulk fillers found in most commercial brands.

If you're still confused about where and how to look, you can start by checking out Merrick dog food. Other recommended organic alternatives are brands that emphasize wellness or contain healthy fats such as Omega-3 and Omega-6. Consult your vet but be sure he or she knows enough about dog diets. His or her recommendations may also depend on your dog's current needs and health conditions.

Whether you have just begun taking care of a dog or have had one for many years, it is important to give priority to their health over anything else. Read up on more dog information to know which foods and what exercise your pet should engage in to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Dog information is an important part of any canine owner's life. The most pivotal piece of information is about the dog's health. Health begins with the pet's food. These days it is recommended to buy organic dog food. Unlike commercial brands, these use all natural and healthy ingredients. First time dog owners can start with merrick dog food. This brand uses safe and healthy ingredients like fruits and vegetables.

-Melinda Smith


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Essentials Of Homemade Natural Dog Food

As a hands-on pet owner it is easily understandable why you would like to make your own dog food. With the recent pet food recalls going on, you have to be careful about your choices and make sure that the meals you provide to him are safe for his health and warrants his longevity. Making dog meals at home is a good means to look after your furry friend's health and an ideal bonding time for both of you. It is also a better option than generic dog food formulas that usually contain questionable protein sources and other synthetic ingredients that could be lethal to your dog.

Homemade natural dog food is perhaps the most ideal meal you can feed to your pet considering that fresh produce provides more nutrition per serving and contain highly digestible compounds. Likewise, fresh food products are know to lessen or eliminate allergic reactions among pooches and greatly strengthen their immune system against deadly diseases. Before you concoct your pet's meals however, talk with your canine's veterinarian first. Through this, you will be guided about the current assessment of your pet's health and you can freely discuss the changes that you would like to integrate in your pet's diet.

Making natural dog food at home requires minimal effort on your part. You only have to balance proteins, carbohydrates and fats with occasional vitamin and mineral supplements to give holistic nutrition to your four-footed friend. Accordingly, the proteins that you have to integrate in your pet's meals should make up at least 50% of his diet as this compound is essential to stabilize his energy and to make him healthy and fit. Digestible protein sources that you could include in your pet's meals include chicken, beef, lamb and liver. Make sure to use organic meats devoid of hormones, chemicals and antibiotics to prevent your pet from acquiring degenerative diseases that can be induced by these substances. There is still a divide opinion whether canine pets should be fed with raw or cooked meat and this subject is something that you need to thoroughly discuss with your veterinarian along with the issue of feeding bones during your initial consultation.

Besides meat, your homemade natural dog food should also contain one or two of these wholesome grains: rolled oats, couscous, quinoa, cornmeal, bulgur, whole-wheat, millet, wheat berries, barley and brown rice. You could also integrate frozen vegetables like lima beans, peas and cut green beans as well as fresh cooked vegetables like broccoli, baking potatoes, zucchini, yam, fine grated carrots and sweet potatoes in your pet's diet. Refrain from using greenies with high oxalic acid concentration like spinach, Swiss chard and rhubarb as the said compound could obstruct your pet's calcium intake. Furthermore, because natural canine food diet has lesser amounts of calcium, try sprinkling eggshell powder to his meals in order to fulfill his calcium requirements.

Of course, in this hectic day and age, not all pet owners can personally cook meals for their pets. Luckily, Sojos food is here to provide help to busy pet owners. The dog food mixes they create are 100% formulated from all-natural and human-grade ingredients, which in turn makes them safe for dog consumption. They also assure pet owners that their products have superior and well-balanced nutrition composed of naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes that could satisfy your dog's appetite even in small servings.

With Sojos food, all you have to do is to add protein sources and water to their natural pet food mixes, and you can instantly serve your pet with fresh homemade meal in just a matter of minutes. Overall, nothing beats the power of natural dog meals for your pooch. However, you should also take into consideration that sudden changes in his diet could upset his system, which could result to diarrhea, vomiting and other gastric problems. With this in mind, try spreading the diet changes over several weeks so that his body could properly adjust to these changes. Once he is able to fully adjust to these changes, he'll definitely enjoy the meals you personally prepare and you would be able to cut back on the costs of your dog's meals.

As a dog owner, it is understandable why you would like to personally make your own dog food at home. Homemade natural dog food is a healthy option with which you can hand-pick the ingredients to include in your pet's meals. If you can't personally attend to the meals of your dog, settle for dog food products that follow the same principle as that of canine homemade meals just like the ones manufactured by Sojos food.

-Brigitte Smith


Healthy Reinforcements For Your Pooch

There are different means for you to help your pet learn new tricks and do obedience training. However, if you would like to use a safe and easy process to encourage him to participate, try feeding him with dog treats to reinforce him. Treats are probably the best snacks that you could integrate in your reward-punishment system that would help your pet to learn new commands easily. If he performs the commands that you asked him to execute or if he acts according to your desired behavior, reward him with treats to let him know that what he's doing is the right thing. If he does not adhere to the commands that you say or if he is disobedient, do not feed him treats regardless if he begs you to send the message that he is not doing well in his learning process.

Dog treats can be used in several means. They could be used as reinforcements for canine pets to encourage them to follow obedience commands, have an active attitude and how to behave in given situations. Treats are also representations of how pleased you are with his actions. Consequently, you can also use treats as a substitute for praising and tapping if they do not work for your dog while training.

If you are to use dog treats as a part of your pet's tricks and obedience training, you have to use them interchangeably with praises. Giving him too much treats could encourage him to become dependent on the snacks you provide to him and in the long term would cause him not to follow your commands if there are no treats involved. Likewise, treats should only be given during the initial stages of the learning process and later on should be replaced with patting and praising. When not in training, you should not provide the same treats that you give to him when he is learning.

Treats are available in differing forms and functions; some are made to look like cookies, which are ideally given as rewards or as light snacks in between regular meals, while others are designed to help in digestion and to clean the teeth of canines. When buying treats, it is important that you know what purpose it will serve in order for you to make the right purchasing decision. It would also be wise to opt for treats made from natural or organic ingredients to safeguard the safety and health of your pet against hazardous preservatives and other synthetic ingredients that are usually contained in generic canine treats. It won't be difficult to find healthy natural or organic treats for your dog because there are many dog food lines today that offer such kinds of edible products and one of them is Wellness dog food.

Wellness dog food specialize in natural meals and treats for pooches. All their products, including their treats, are made from all-natural ingredients that are human-grade in quality. If your pet is on diet, the "pure rewards" treats made by Wellness will suffice to his nutritional requirements as it contains minimal ingredients and is grain-free. On the other hand, their "Wellbars and Wellbites" snacks are among the most preferred complementary treats that reinforce the immune system and overall health of pets. Your puppies won't be left behind as well because Wellness has this special treats called "just for puppy treats," which is especially designed for young pooches and are made from the combination of healthy ingredients like salmon, lamb, carrots, blueberries and flaxseed.

Aside from Wellness, another dog food company that offer healthy treats for canine pets is Burns dog food. The meals and treats from Burns are painstakingly formulated by a veterinary surgeon, which in turn ensures pet owners that they are healthy for canine pets. They create different treats for all dog life stages and purposes. If you would like to train your dog, try using their "Burns dog training treats" as a part of your reward-punishment system, and if you have to attend to something for a short period of time, keep your pooch preoccupied by giving him "Burns venison tongues." The said dog food line also created healthy treats for pets with sensitivities to meat or other protein sources which they call "Burns venison ears" and "burns venison hearts."

Dog training is a good means for your dog to learn new commands and appropriate behavior. In order to reinforce the learning process of your pet, try using dog treats as rewards when he follow the commands that you ask him to do. When selecting treats, it is important that you choose the ones made from natural ingredients. The treats made by Wellness dog food and Burns dog food are healthy snacks that your pet will surely love.

-Brigitte Smith


Natural Dog Food: Experts Know Best

Dogs deserve utmost care and attention from their owners. Let's fact it - dogs are irresistable.! However, home dogs rely to their owners in order to get the right care and the right diet. Considered as one of the best dog meals today is natural dog food.

Many who claim that they are the best producers of natural dog foods fail to live up to the public's expectations. Nonetheless, most of them are filled with preservatives and fillers which give no nutrients. These components do nothing but to fill your dog's stomach with useless food. These ingredients can even cause bad effects to your dog if they are taken in large amounts.

Honest kitchen is the best when it comes to natural dog meals. The market lacks dog meals that are easy to prepare, healthy and reasonably priced. People do not see the contents of the dog meals until they get them home, because they are completely shut and sealed. Good thing a meal this hearty and nutritious was made available in the market.

Honest Kitchen dog meals contain amino acids, enzymes, minerals, and nutrients which can boost the immunity of your dog. Honest Kitchen has different varieties of dog food - Verve, Force, Embark, and Thrive. They consist of nutritious grains, sufficient vegetables and protein-filled meat. Thousands, if not millions, can testify to the beauty of this dog meal.

Choose wisely and look for dog food ratings which can help you decide. In fact, there are 5 reliable dog meals available in the market which you can surely depend on. They are Life's Abundance, Kitchen Honest, Wysong, Nature's Variety, and Flint River Ranch. These brands have been tried and tested for years.

Shower your dog with love and affection. These natural dog food can propel your dog to a higher level of robustness and vitality. Good nutrition brings good health. Good food can give your dog exceptional health.

Honest kitchen is ranked at the top of dog food ratings because of the nutrients that it provides. Dog owners and animal lovers always buy natural dog food because they do not contain preservatives and fillers. Fillers give nothing to your dog, that is why it is really important for you to carefully study the dog food that you are giving to your dog.

-Melinda Smith


Monday, January 3, 2011

Natural Dog Food: The Healthy Meal For Your Dog

There's no other symbol of friendship that could surpass the one presented by a man and his dog. It is a union that started ever since canines accompanied humans during their travels across borders. A dog is always treated as the best friend that any man could have; he or she can never be upgraded, outdated nor replaced. With all the love and happiness they provide us, it would only be fair that we repay them with love and care by giving them appropriate meals that would make them healthier, stronger and safer, and these things could be easily achieved by feeding them with natural dog food.

Natural dog food is probably the best high quality food that an owner could put in the bowls of his canine pets. Such dog food type is created to imitate the diet that undomesticated canines have enjoyed in the wild that provide them the nutrition they need to survive for long. As oppose to the commercial dog food brands usually comprised of fillers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic ingredients, which are all catalysts for the rise of various dog diseases, natural dog meals are packed with human quality ingredients filled with the right amounts of nutrients that are safe to feed to your pet. Several studies suggest that dogs whose owners feed them with natural food have lower morbidity rate compared to dogs that are regularly fed with commercial dog food products.

Actually, natural dog food is a relatively new approach when it comes to dog food products. However, this type of food is gaining popularity among dog owners and breeders since it holds several health benefits that could not be achieved from commercial dog food products. A high quality natural diet appropriate for your pets nutritional needs eliminates digestive problems, which in turn increases their ability to take in vital nourishment, and eliminates allergies that often affect their skin and coats. Natural food also reinforces the immune system of our pets that help fight the rise of certain degenerative illnesses like diabetes, cancer, renal failure, liver disease and heart disease.

Honest Kitchen and Solid Gold pet food are two of the most noteworthy dog food brands that manufacture high quality and all-natural canine food meals. Honest Kitcehn pet food is a private, family-owned company operating in San Diego, California. It was in 2002 that this food line was founded by husband and wife animal enthusiasts, Charlie and Lucy Postin. Honest Kitchen pet food began out of the need to search for a solution to the issue of how to have a dog food that is fresh, uncooked and consists of human-grade ingredients but is easy to prepare, convenient and healthy at the same time. As an end result, the company was able to develop their now well-known dehydrated dog food products.

The dehydrated edible dog products of Honest Kitchen are unique because their ingredients are relatively few but are entirely natural, healthy and safe. Through the use of gentle dehydration, the completeness of the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients of every ingredient being used are well preserved, while the pathogenic bacteria on the meat and egg ingredients utilized in their formulas are killed in high temperature, which warrant that they are safe to be fed to our furry friends. The people behind Honest Kitchen follow the maxim "you are what you eat;- hence, every ingredient contained in each pack of their products are guaranteed made from human grade quality. As an added bonus, their packagings are eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, Solid Gold dog food is one of the primary dog food lines that spearheaded natural canine food in the US since 1975 as well as holistic dog food since 1985. The same with Honest pet food, Solid Gold only uses all-natural and human-quality ingredients in the production of their dog food meals, without using any form of low quality grains, chemical preservatives and additives that could jeopardize the health of your pets. With their advocacy to provide holistic all-natural meals to canine pets, Solid Gold is the only dog food company in the US that is an accredited member of Organic Trade Association, the American Neutraceutical Foods Association, Medicinal Food Association and the Life Extension Association. Hence, as a dog owner you could really be assured that all their edible dog products have passed intensive quality control standards.

Natural dog food holds several healthy benefits for your pet. High quality natural diet eliminates the risks of your pet from acquiring a whole range of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer and renal failure. This can be credited from the human-grade ingredients contained in natural dog meals. If you are looking for natural canine meals to feed your dog settle for Solid Gold dog food or Honest Kitchen canine food as these two offer high quality natural meals.

-Brigitte Smith


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Protein-Rich Pet Food: A Valuable Part Of Pregnant Dog Care

Pregnant dogs require a highly specialized diet to ensure that their pups will develop properly. If you are a dog breeder, pregnant dog care should be on the top of your priorities, and you must understand that the food you are giving to your pet will play a significant role on her fetal and overall health. Although the best meals you can feed to your pooch are probably the homemade recipes for dog food you personally concoct, there are also a few dog food brands that you could use to meet the nutritional needs of your pet. The only thing that you have to remember is to choose the right food for your pregnant dog in order for her to properly nourish and deliver her pups.

About sixty-three days is the expected duration of dog pregnancy, and during that period it is essential that your pet receives complete nutrition from the food she consumes which would contribute to the development of her puppies, would safeguard her health and would help her produce milk for her litter. You have to put in mind that protein is an essential compound for the dietary plan of pregnant canines. Although most pet food brands contain essential nutrients, you have to choose a canine food that list meat as its primary ingredient as meat is the main source of protein that would help your pooch to heighten her energy and immunity levels. You should also seek for a brand that has a natural balance and is void of meat-by products, artificial colors, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients as all these items could negatively affect the health and fetal development of your pregnant dog.

The dog food products manufactured by Flint River Ranch dog food could meet all the requirements set for pregnant dog care. Flint River Ranch foods are composed of human-quality ingredients that are free from meat and grain-by products, chemical preservatives and color additives that could negatively affect your pet's pregnancy. To further strengthen their claim of creating premium dog meals, they combine their dog formulas with a preparation process that, according to them, no other dog food company utilizes. That is, they carefully examine every ingredient they put in their products by consulting with chief American industry experts and they only purchase their ingredients from reliable suppliers so as to produce premium quality and one-of-a-kind formulas.

As mentioned earlier, high concentration of protein is what your pregnant dog needs, which requires you to choose a food brand that list meat its primary ingredient, and Flint River Ranch dog food could offer that to your pet. Contrary to most dog meals that make use of only one protein source, Flint River offers a variety of healthy and nutritious meat proteins in each pack of their products. The meat they utilize in the production of their meals is pure muscle and skin flesh only, with little or no bone content. All that being said, their meats share the same quality as those store-brand meats sold for human consumption, which means their products are warranted safe for your pregnant dog.

Accordingly, the combination of meat that Flint River uses in their pet food products includes chicken, lamb and fish. The chickens are directly purchased from reputable American suppliers and are warranted free from antibiotics and hormone. Their lambs are imported from New Zealand and are free-range fed, while their fishes are farm raised and are caught directly from the oceans. Hence, all of their meat ingredients could provide your pregnant dog with enough proteins, essential fats and strong immune system. Aside from meat, the grain sources they use are void of molds and natural toxins and they assure you that the combination of grains and proteins would provide your dog a wide range of minerals and vitamins that would help sustain her overall nutritional and health needs.

Always bear in mind that in any pregnant dog care routine the amount of pet food that your dog consumes will significantly increase by 20 percent on the fifth week of her pregnancy, which is why it is necessary that you add an extra cup of food from the normal servings of food you feed to her. It is also important that you break-up her feedings everyday in order for her to avoid dealing with morning sickness on the same level and maintain the balance of her blood sugar level that would stabilize her energy. During labor, your dog may not want to consume any type of food so don't force her to do so because she has to follow her own body signals. After giving birth, talk with your veterinarian about you dog's post-nutritional and health needs as well as her puppies' dietary requirements so that you would be able to give them proper care while they are still in a vulnerable state.

If your dog is pregnant, you have to carefully choose the right pet food that would befit her nutritional and fetal needs. As much as possible make homemade recipes for dog food that is rich in protein. If you can't attend to this task however, you could choose Flint River Ranch dog food products that contain a variety of healthy meat proteins that would suffice to the nutritional requirements of your pregnant pooch.

-Melinda Smith