Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dog Food You Can Give Your Pets

The diet that your pets should have needs to be chosen carefully. You can't simply throw anything you want at them for it may have dangerous effects on their biochemistry. If you feed your dogs chocolate, then that could possibly be the last tasty treat they'll ever have. In order to make sure that you give them safe and healthy foods only, you have to be informed which is the right dog food for them.

How can you choose the right dog food? Wouldn't that be the manufactured ones they advertise on TV? Well, no, most commercial pet foods are definitely not ideal for your dog's health. You can't go wrong with raw meat though. Giving them raw meat will make them eat heartily and healthy. A big slab of meat is the best treat you can ever give him.

If you weren't able to finish dinner, then you can give your leftover food to them. If you want, you can choose to cook extra for your pets. Foods from an honest kitchen such as yours will serve them better than ones created in a factory with all sorts of chemicals and preservatives. You should keep in mind though that there are some foods that you should give in moderation.

In order to save some money, one can always mix raw meat with rice. Aside from that, you can also supplement your dog's food with other grains such as oats from your honest kitchen.

Wellness pet food can also be an alternative. This can supplement them the minerals and nutrients they need. This should be given to them in moderation only. This way, you need not feed them meat all the time.

Don't be so discouraged with manufactured dog food though, as there are some healthy ones. But again, they should be given in moderation only. How would you feel I f you were to chomp on factory-produced foods each day? Remember to play with them often too, so that they can burn excess fat. Similar to humans, they too need their exercise.

The best dog food you could give your pets is meat. Aside from this, other honest kitchen foods such as rice can also be given. Wellness pet food too will be great for their health.

-Melinda Smith



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