Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Essentials Of Homemade Natural Dog Food

As a hands-on pet owner it is easily understandable why you would like to make your own dog food. With the recent pet food recalls going on, you have to be careful about your choices and make sure that the meals you provide to him are safe for his health and warrants his longevity. Making dog meals at home is a good means to look after your furry friend's health and an ideal bonding time for both of you. It is also a better option than generic dog food formulas that usually contain questionable protein sources and other synthetic ingredients that could be lethal to your dog.

Homemade natural dog food is perhaps the most ideal meal you can feed to your pet considering that fresh produce provides more nutrition per serving and contain highly digestible compounds. Likewise, fresh food products are know to lessen or eliminate allergic reactions among pooches and greatly strengthen their immune system against deadly diseases. Before you concoct your pet's meals however, talk with your canine's veterinarian first. Through this, you will be guided about the current assessment of your pet's health and you can freely discuss the changes that you would like to integrate in your pet's diet.

Making natural dog food at home requires minimal effort on your part. You only have to balance proteins, carbohydrates and fats with occasional vitamin and mineral supplements to give holistic nutrition to your four-footed friend. Accordingly, the proteins that you have to integrate in your pet's meals should make up at least 50% of his diet as this compound is essential to stabilize his energy and to make him healthy and fit. Digestible protein sources that you could include in your pet's meals include chicken, beef, lamb and liver. Make sure to use organic meats devoid of hormones, chemicals and antibiotics to prevent your pet from acquiring degenerative diseases that can be induced by these substances. There is still a divide opinion whether canine pets should be fed with raw or cooked meat and this subject is something that you need to thoroughly discuss with your veterinarian along with the issue of feeding bones during your initial consultation.

Besides meat, your homemade natural dog food should also contain one or two of these wholesome grains: rolled oats, couscous, quinoa, cornmeal, bulgur, whole-wheat, millet, wheat berries, barley and brown rice. You could also integrate frozen vegetables like lima beans, peas and cut green beans as well as fresh cooked vegetables like broccoli, baking potatoes, zucchini, yam, fine grated carrots and sweet potatoes in your pet's diet. Refrain from using greenies with high oxalic acid concentration like spinach, Swiss chard and rhubarb as the said compound could obstruct your pet's calcium intake. Furthermore, because natural canine food diet has lesser amounts of calcium, try sprinkling eggshell powder to his meals in order to fulfill his calcium requirements.

Of course, in this hectic day and age, not all pet owners can personally cook meals for their pets. Luckily, Sojos food is here to provide help to busy pet owners. The dog food mixes they create are 100% formulated from all-natural and human-grade ingredients, which in turn makes them safe for dog consumption. They also assure pet owners that their products have superior and well-balanced nutrition composed of naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals and enzymes that could satisfy your dog's appetite even in small servings.

With Sojos food, all you have to do is to add protein sources and water to their natural pet food mixes, and you can instantly serve your pet with fresh homemade meal in just a matter of minutes. Overall, nothing beats the power of natural dog meals for your pooch. However, you should also take into consideration that sudden changes in his diet could upset his system, which could result to diarrhea, vomiting and other gastric problems. With this in mind, try spreading the diet changes over several weeks so that his body could properly adjust to these changes. Once he is able to fully adjust to these changes, he'll definitely enjoy the meals you personally prepare and you would be able to cut back on the costs of your dog's meals.

As a dog owner, it is understandable why you would like to personally make your own dog food at home. Homemade natural dog food is a healthy option with which you can hand-pick the ingredients to include in your pet's meals. If you can't personally attend to the meals of your dog, settle for dog food products that follow the same principle as that of canine homemade meals just like the ones manufactured by Sojos food.

-Brigitte Smith



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