Monday, January 3, 2011

Natural Dog Food: The Healthy Meal For Your Dog

There's no other symbol of friendship that could surpass the one presented by a man and his dog. It is a union that started ever since canines accompanied humans during their travels across borders. A dog is always treated as the best friend that any man could have; he or she can never be upgraded, outdated nor replaced. With all the love and happiness they provide us, it would only be fair that we repay them with love and care by giving them appropriate meals that would make them healthier, stronger and safer, and these things could be easily achieved by feeding them with natural dog food.

Natural dog food is probably the best high quality food that an owner could put in the bowls of his canine pets. Such dog food type is created to imitate the diet that undomesticated canines have enjoyed in the wild that provide them the nutrition they need to survive for long. As oppose to the commercial dog food brands usually comprised of fillers, chemical preservatives and other synthetic ingredients, which are all catalysts for the rise of various dog diseases, natural dog meals are packed with human quality ingredients filled with the right amounts of nutrients that are safe to feed to your pet. Several studies suggest that dogs whose owners feed them with natural food have lower morbidity rate compared to dogs that are regularly fed with commercial dog food products.

Actually, natural dog food is a relatively new approach when it comes to dog food products. However, this type of food is gaining popularity among dog owners and breeders since it holds several health benefits that could not be achieved from commercial dog food products. A high quality natural diet appropriate for your pets nutritional needs eliminates digestive problems, which in turn increases their ability to take in vital nourishment, and eliminates allergies that often affect their skin and coats. Natural food also reinforces the immune system of our pets that help fight the rise of certain degenerative illnesses like diabetes, cancer, renal failure, liver disease and heart disease.

Honest Kitchen and Solid Gold pet food are two of the most noteworthy dog food brands that manufacture high quality and all-natural canine food meals. Honest Kitcehn pet food is a private, family-owned company operating in San Diego, California. It was in 2002 that this food line was founded by husband and wife animal enthusiasts, Charlie and Lucy Postin. Honest Kitchen pet food began out of the need to search for a solution to the issue of how to have a dog food that is fresh, uncooked and consists of human-grade ingredients but is easy to prepare, convenient and healthy at the same time. As an end result, the company was able to develop their now well-known dehydrated dog food products.

The dehydrated edible dog products of Honest Kitchen are unique because their ingredients are relatively few but are entirely natural, healthy and safe. Through the use of gentle dehydration, the completeness of the enzymes, vitamins and nutrients of every ingredient being used are well preserved, while the pathogenic bacteria on the meat and egg ingredients utilized in their formulas are killed in high temperature, which warrant that they are safe to be fed to our furry friends. The people behind Honest Kitchen follow the maxim "you are what you eat;- hence, every ingredient contained in each pack of their products are guaranteed made from human grade quality. As an added bonus, their packagings are eco-friendly.

Meanwhile, Solid Gold dog food is one of the primary dog food lines that spearheaded natural canine food in the US since 1975 as well as holistic dog food since 1985. The same with Honest pet food, Solid Gold only uses all-natural and human-quality ingredients in the production of their dog food meals, without using any form of low quality grains, chemical preservatives and additives that could jeopardize the health of your pets. With their advocacy to provide holistic all-natural meals to canine pets, Solid Gold is the only dog food company in the US that is an accredited member of Organic Trade Association, the American Neutraceutical Foods Association, Medicinal Food Association and the Life Extension Association. Hence, as a dog owner you could really be assured that all their edible dog products have passed intensive quality control standards.

Natural dog food holds several healthy benefits for your pet. High quality natural diet eliminates the risks of your pet from acquiring a whole range of degenerative diseases such as diabetes, cancer and renal failure. This can be credited from the human-grade ingredients contained in natural dog meals. If you are looking for natural canine meals to feed your dog settle for Solid Gold dog food or Honest Kitchen canine food as these two offer high quality natural meals.

-Brigitte Smith



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