Thursday, November 1, 2007

Dog Food Ratings

There are several top quality dog foods now available, but you'll never find them in your supermarket. You may not even find them in your pet store or even at your vet's. Why? Because the commercial pet food manufacturers have a virtual stranglehold.

But this is gradually changing. Here are a couple of dog food reviews - high quality, natural dog food.

Natural Canine Dog Food: This company provides a variety of natural supplements for your dog. And personal service has been the hallmark of their success. And service doesn't get any more personal than Natural Canine. They will even custom blend a dog supplement for your dog based on his current weight. The company's goal is to help you help your dog reduce excess weight and stay fit so that he can remain free of disease, especially diabetes.

Optimum Choices Dog Food: This company refers to their product as "superfood magic" and proudly promotes their number one product which is designed to balance your dog's glands and improve digestion. It is called Bio Preperationi and the ingredients contain over 4000+ enzymes, omega oils (3, 6, & 9), and an enormous amount of antioxidants that the company claims is 100 times more powerful than taking vitamin C or vitamin E.

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