Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dog Treats Should Be Good For Your Dog

People who have dogs as pets care about their nutritional requirements and the importance of feeding their pets with natural dog treats. These dog treats do not have fillers or chemical preservatives hence, the dog gets good nutrition. The natural dog treats use a very high grade of edible products and methods for processing so that they are good for even human beings.

Some of the commercial natural treats include pig ears. They are a natural favorite for many of the dogs. They have a reasonable amount of fat, and dogs find the flavor irresistible. Pig ear treats are supposed to be baked instead of chemically processed, and should have no added preservatives or coloring agents. Always check your package label carefully.

One treat dogs love is Greenies. With the inclusion of chlorophyll, your dog's breath with be naturally freshened. Because they do not have artificial additives like preservatives, flavoring, or extra color, they're safe and healthy for your dog, while having the added bonus of keeping your dog's teeth clean and breath better. Dogs love Greenies -- and you will too!

You may not realize that natural doggie snacks are already in your fridge and out in your yard. Pieces of carrots, apples and celery make excellent canine treats and give them the nourishment they require minus the chemical additives. Rinse these foods carefully before feeding them to your pet. Whether they are packaged or raw, they are superior for nourishing your dog and all synthetic ingredients have been omitted.

There are different types of dog food for people's pets according to their requirements and tastes. They can also select the variety of food that they want to feed their pets. The dog foods are classified into three types. Grocery store foods found in grocery shops have a huge market that might be of lower quality with less expensive ingredients.

You probably will not find the second category of premium dog food in your typical grocery store, but you will probably be able to find it in a pet store. It also may be found at your veterinarian's office. Please note that although some premium dog foods may contain ingredients of higher quality, this is reflected in the price and some may not be any better than the commercial pet food found at the grocery store and some may even contain lower quality ingredients, so watch out! Wherever you buy you dog food, be it buying dog food online or from an actual store, the trick to buying high quality dog food would be to look for natural or organic varieties that is human grade.

The third and final category is homemade dog food. More and more people are starting to make their dog's food at home rather than buying commercial formulas. Homemade dog food does not contain any substances that could possibly be harmful to your dog's health like artificial coloring and artificial flavors. You can also buy dog food online. You can find the price of various dog foods through the internet.

Natural dog treats have no preservatives and feature high-quality ingredients and safe packaging. Pig ears and Greenies are some natural treats that dogs just love. But you don't have to buy commercial treats: your refrigerator or your garden probably holds all the healthy treats your dog could want. A pet owner also has a choice between grocery store foods, premium foods, and homemade dog food. Researching dog food online can give you specifics on prices. Grocery store foods are usually not very healthy for your dog, and even premium foods aren't much better. But making your own food at home is usually the best choice for your dog.

-Brigitte Smith



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