Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pet Food Nutrition And Related Information

A number of individuals create their own pet food. As with food meant for humans, the key is proper ingredients to make nutritious meal times. An alternate option is one of the available brands of dog food. Speak with a professional, and listen to all of the different meal suggestions.

There are those who say that pets do better eating the remains of their masters' meals, as they have through the ages, and that the dog food products of more recent times are full of substandard meat, harmful chemicals, and other undesirable ingredients. They insist that commercially prepared pet foods provide an insufficient amount of nutrients for their dogs.

It's usually less expensive to purchase dry pet food. Per pound, it is much more cost effective than its canned or semi-moist relatives. Dry food generally only contains 6-10% moisture whereas canned foods are 78% moisture. It appears that dry food which contains more actual food ingredients and less water is the better value here. Dry food is also instrumental in your pet's dental health in that it prevents the build-up of tartar. Canned foods which are opened and served at mealtimes mean fresher food for your pet. Unless you have a large, airtight container to keep your dry food in after you open the package, the canned food will provide the freshest diet.

Kibble, pellets of dry pet food, are primarily manufactured by using either an extrusion or baking method. The extrusion process consists of feeding cut dough, or a mixture of raw materials, into an expander. At the same time pressurized steam, or hot water, is added. Pellets puffed like popcorn are the result of this process. The resulting kibble is then allowed to dry and is sprayed with vitamins and other ingredients that could not withstand the heating process.

If not properly sealed, it is possible for dry food to lose its quality. Oxygen is known to react with components added after initial preparation, altering the taste. Further, the heat involved in shipping the wellness dog food can also have negative effects before it even hits store shelves. Another alternative comes from the Burns company.

Pet owners desire food for their pets that is closest to its natural state. This may make it easier to digest for their pet. Baked kibble is the choice for most pet owners because the heating process occurs over a longer period of time at a lower pressure. This slower process seals the fat content in rather than applying it after the baking process. In addition to increasing the quality of the product, the baked kibble stays fresher longer, even after the package has been opened and resealed.

Some people purchase ingredients from health food or grocery stores and feed their dogs pet food they have made themselves. Many other people depend on buying commercially manufactured dog food. There are a variety of recommendations concerning what the best diet is for dogs. Pet owners that want a food that is more natural and digestible usually look towards kibble. However, the vitamins and minerals in wellness dog food could be destroyed if exposed to heat during shipping or during storage. One very popular dog food is burns dog food. You may wish to consider the effects of baking versus extruding on kibble.

-Melinda Smith



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