Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pit Bull Grooming Tips

Nail trimming should be introduced to your Pit Bull from the time he is a puppy. Start by handling the feet and nails daily and then begin by gently and carefully cutting the tips of the nails every week, taking care not to cut the nerve endings. Give your dog a treat after each cutting session.

More than just brushing his coat, your Pit Bull needs a regular bath. Start your bath training while he is still a puppy. Bring some treats into the tub to make bathing more enjoyable.

When cleaning the ears, avoid using a cotton swab because they can irritate the skin and pack debris into the ear canal. Do not use powder in the ear which can cake or hydrogen peroxide which leaves the ear moist. If you see a build-up of debris, clean it out by using an ear cleaning product that is especially made for that purpose.

Pit Bulls normally have healthy eyes. However, just like all dogs, they can suffer from eye problems that can rob them of their vision if left ignored. Examine your dog’s eyes once in a while to check for any signs of abnormalities or discharge.

Brush your Pit Bull’s teeth once or twice per week using a child or dog toothbrush and dog toothpaste. If it is hard for you to brush his teeth, your vet can provide a cleansing solution that helps kill plaque-forming bacteria.

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