Saturday, March 20, 2010

Healthy Dog Treats - Yes, You Can Find Them

Rarely to people give thoughtful consideration into the kind of dog food and dog treats they give to their dog, and how they influence the nutritional well-being of their faithful hound. Most conclude that the matter of feeding their dog is simply about keeping a large stock of food tins and/or dry pellets and leave it at that. However, if you truly care for your furry friend, then it is important for you begin taking his health seriously by looking for dog food that guarantees his nutritional well-being.

Still, should you stop to remind dog owners of the relationship between a dog's health and his food, some would scoff and argue that the endorsement of natural dog food is born from trendy marketing tactics designed to exploit the hippie feel-good urges of consumers. The reality though is that commercial dog food and dog treats are also unhealthy and in some cases unfit for consumption. They can be made from disgusting animal by-products, coated in chemical additives and preservatives or filled with unhealthy corn gluten.

Even then, those who would take such concerns seriously are confused by product labelling practices. Food labelling regulations allow many companies to conceal the true properties of their products through false advertising and roundabout labelling techniques. Because the term "natural" is interpreted very liberally by food labelling regulations, it is actually possible to sell cow brains and processed intestines and still proclaim it as "natural dog food and dog treats." As such, you should pay attention to which companies actually deal in authentic natural products.

One trustworthy company is Solid Gold Health, which produces dog food and dog treats with a dog's health in mind. Granted, Solid Gold Dog Food can cost more than other brands but is completely worth it. One of their particular specialties is dog food that is "low allergen" in nature, meaning that they do not induce skin disorders and ear infections, which have become prevalent among dogs fed on most other brands of dog food.

Another such company is Flint River Ranch, a company that specializes in making oven-baked dog treats that contain none of the animal byproducts, unhealthy fillers and chemical additives and preservatives that are detrimental to canine well-being. Flint River Ranch Dog Food is designed in recognition of the fact that dogs have much more sensitive digestive systems that cannot accommodate for many of the unhealthy things we humans put up with.

This article attempts to shed light on the lack of attention given to dog health by most dog owners by describing how most brands of dog food and dog treats pay no attention to a dog's nutritional well-being. To remedy that, consider purchasing natural products for their dog from trustworthy companies. Flint River Ranch Dog Food for example, prides itself on oven-baked treats made only from natural ingredients while Solid Gold Dog Food specializes in low allergen products.

-Melinda Smith



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