Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dog Treats Your Dog Will Love

Just as much as you enjoy snacks in between your meals from time to time, your dog also enjoy munching on food that is different from his regular meals in the form of treats. Dog treats are often offered to canine pets as incentives when they learn basic commands, general good behavior or anything in between. When given in right amounts, treats could improve the diets of canine pets. However, if you're like most dog owners, you probably won't be able to resist giving your dog excess treats whenever you see that sad look in his face. But there are some unhealthy treats that could possibly expose him to certain diseases.

Unfortunately, most commercial dog treats are similar to human treats - junk food products that are filled with artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other synthetic ingredients. Such ingredients are what make these treats delicious for your dog but in truth are not good for his health. This is especially the case if given in large servings. When evaluating the quality of treats that you intend to feed your dog, you have to go back to the label detective that you are when you are inspecting your pet's meals. It can be a chore, but it is important. Try not to choose treats that are packed with ingredients that are engineered to taste and smell good but have little nutritive value, and never be persuaded by fancy packaging.

With all the commercial canine treats available and the hazards associated to them, you might now be thinking very hard if there are safe treats for your furry friends. However, it might be a relief to know that a growing number of dog food companies are now straying from their junky ways and are moving forward to provide canine pets with healthy meals and treats. In fact, there are many dog food lines today that offer dog treats containing organic ingredients that are supplemented with herbs and omega fatty acids to fight oral health problems and promote healthier skin and coats to your pets respectively. Wellness and Canidae canine food lines are just two of the most well known dog food brands that offer healthy treats.

To provide a short background, Wellness dog food is actually developed by Old Mother Hubbard Company, a sub-company of a family owned baking enterprise established in 1962. Old Mother Hubbard was then purchased by an animal expert living in Lowell, Massachusetts and from there Wellness was established. During 1990s, under the leadership of CEO Jim Scott Jr., Wellness canine products where developed; however, it took almost a decade before their dog meals were introduced on the market. Looking back at its history, it is easily discernible that Wellness is a well established company that served as one of the pioneers in the production of healthy dog food products. At the moment, it is still regarded as one of the healthiest dog food brands in the canine food market.

The people behind Wellness dog food maintain the belief that "you are what you eat," and in order to present their adherence to such saying, they made sure that their dog meals as well as canine treats are made only from the finest ingredients packed with necessary nutrients that could improve the overall well being of our furry friends. Because of their commitment to animal health and welfare, they assure dog owners that their products are carefully formulated by a team of veterinarians and pet nutritionists. Hence, the variety of their canine food mixes and treats are only produced from all natural, human-quality ingredients without using animal by-products, artificial colors and preservatives.

On the other hand, Canidae dog food was first introduced in the market in 1993. Parallel to Wellness, the edible dog products of Canidae are made from all natural ingredients supplemented with superior holistic nutrition for dog pets. Their ever popular original gourmet snap biscuits comes with high quality chicken and turkey. And they also come with lamb, valuable fruits, herbs and vegetables, filled with omega fatty acids and viable micro-organisms that are healthy for pets. Likewise, their original snap bits also have the same ingredients as the ones used for their original gourmet snap biscuits, only they are available in bite sizes appropriate as training rewards for little dog breeds.

It should be remembered that dog treats should be given as reinforcements to improve our pooches' diets and not as regular meals. Sadly, as much as we want to settle for commercial canine treats, they often fall short of our expectations as they often contain hazardous ingredients. Treats should be healthy and Canidae dog food and Wellness dog food stick to this belief. These canine food lines are acknowledged for their all-natural canine edible products.

-Melinda Smith



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