Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Choose Pet Food

Do you know what you're feeding your dog? Are you certain the pet food your dog is eating handles all his or her nutritional requirements? Do you remember the pet food recall of 2007? If not, you should find out about it. It's an eye opener. That event alone should be pushing you towards avoiding unhealthy foods for your dog. So pay attention to getting nourishing food. Take care that the food he or she is eating is safe and healthy.

So what should you be looking for in your pet food? Similarly to packaged human food, pet food needs to have a label of all the ingredients used in the recipe. The label also includes information on food percentages, RDAs of vitamins and minerals, etc. Peruse this list of ingredients to figure out if the particular dog food is good or not. Avoid food that contain high proportions of grains.

Pet foods are supposed to provide full nourishment. Because of this, proteins, carbohydrates, fiber, fat and nutrients are synthesized into one blend. These are the fundamental elements of a balanced diet. Make sure that the dog food you are buying has them in proper quantities.

Some foods will worsen existing dog food allergies. These foods can consist of grains, eggs, dairy, meat, additives and even some vegetables. You will appreciate that conventional dog food needs to have most of these ingredients. Most dogs have to have these foods in their diet. So if your pet does have food allergies, you need to identify them and purchase food carefully.

Flint River Ranch dog food is oven baked twice, using only the best all-natural ingredients. They do not use any chemical ingredients or preservatives. They also make sure all meat used is good for eating for dogs, even for humans.

When going through dog food comparisons, don't assume all the food made by one company is uniform. Each dog food product deserves a fair and independent evaluation. For sure, dog food makers have the same approach in manufacturing food and have similar factories. Still, they make some products with different ingredients and formulae. They can each have different health ratings.

Pet foods are expected to provide complete nutrition. When making dog food comparisons, don't think you can rely on just one brand. Each food product has to be assessed independently. It's true that dog food makers will use the same techniques for all their products and use the same factories. Flint River Ranch dog food is oven baked twice, using only the best all-natural ingredients.

-Melinda Smith



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