Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dog Care

Are you equipped with the proper dog care first aid items in case your lovable dog gets hurt or bitten somehow while roaming outside, or even in the backyard? My neighbor certainly learned his lesson when it came to not having the right dog care kit available.

One afternoon a friend's dog was out roaming the country side on his 5 acre property and within an hour he heard the most frightening yelping and crying noises coming from his dog. As he ran outside he saw his poor pet come limping to the backyard with blood running all down his head as well as his paw.

With no dog care kit around the house he didn't know what to do so he called for help. The animal hospital was closed and so without immediate assistance he had to wait hours upon hours for his dog to get help, and without any available dog care in the meanwhile.

Had he at least had a dog care first aid kit he could have helped clean the wounds up a bit. Because it was so late in getting help, his dog developed a major infection. Moral of the story? Have a first aid dog care kit available in case of emergencies.

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