Thursday, April 12, 2007

Dog Tags - Safety for Your Dog

Is it important to have dog tags connected to your dog's collar? Of course it is! What if your dog wandered off by accident and got lost? How would someone know how to find its owner without having a dog tag connected to it?

Dog tags do not have to be fancy by any means. Simply have a tag made out with your name, your phone number, your dog's name, and of course your address. Dog tags are an important precaution to take to insure that your pet comes back to you in case of some unforeseen circumstances causes him to get lost.

You can find dog tags at any number of local pet shops and especially online. In fact there are hundreds of online dog tag stores that will provide you with exactly the look you desire and will engrave all of the information that you want to have. And depending on your needs, all of this can be as little as $3.95 plus shipping and handling for each dog tag.

And hey, have you heard about the innovative new dog tag and wallet card program to ensure that someone will care for your dog if you're involved in an accident? Or how about rescuing your dog if your house catches fire while you're out at work?

It's called the Pet Home Rescue Lifeline. It really is a lifeline for your pet if your pet is home alone and an emergency happens. Get a lifeline for your dog!

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